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Legends Never Die

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The Annual Seether Carnagle

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1The Annual Seether Carnagle Empty The Annual Seether Carnagle on Tue Apr 29, 2014 10:38 am


Red Lord
Red Lord
Ey Seethers, Syrile here.

Starting next week, just so I notify everyone, I and Hush have planned a week-long festival. Including the due banner contest, rank-ups. Carnaging. Recruitings, dance lines, and much much more!

Each and every day will be a surprise for you few with a game. It's quite a long game, but I can assure you they will be fun!

A few of them I made up myself, and will be explained later on before the festival starts.

Such as: 
-The Carnage Crooks
-Capture the Seether
-Carnage and Gore
-Guess the Seether
-Mock Battle
-Race Against Time

I, and Hush, are hoping this will boost our activity. I know every single one of you has a life, but when I see you online, and not on your Seether for a week or a month, then I am going to put my foot down. It's unacceptable. We used to have 13-18 members on EACH day. Now we have 5-10. It's quite sad. We are legends, many people say. Plus the fact if we go inactive, we aren't the Third Super Power of the Plains. So step up your game, and play some games and train with us.~

~Captain Crashy Wheezey Lady Ma'am Sytanic Princess Syrile and The Penis Wrangler.

Legends Never Die

The Annual Seether Carnagle X7Y4pUg
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2The Annual Seether Carnagle Empty Re: The Annual Seether Carnagle on Wed Apr 30, 2014 10:02 am

I'll actually be on today since it's been raining like a lot. I'll be more then glad to have fun with the Seethers again next week. That should be really fun. And I might actually, make an entry to the banner. Not exactly sure... But we'll will see.

I also love that end tag. xD So cute. *notifiesDivergentevenifheknowsaboutitcauseIwillfeelspecial* Lol. I really am weird.

~Mary Roald 'Maloney'

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3The Annual Seether Carnagle Empty Re: The Annual Seether Carnagle on Wed Apr 30, 2014 2:54 pm

Lyravani LLC

Lyravani LLC
Black Salvatore
Black Salvatore
Thank you for making this next week.

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