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1 Help aid Seether on Tue Jun 24, 2014 5:37 pm


Seether has been having problems with inactivity, as I had mentioned on a Skype post we need to do something that will help us stand out or help make us active.  But we don't know what you people want from us.  So that is why I want you lot to vote on something, the only way you're going to help this pack is if you vote for ideas or make ideas.  I want to see you people either make a vote on this topic or share an idea you want and think others would like.
       I decided that I am going to do something for the pack, wither it's a rivalry, a rescue operation, or maybe a plague.  But since I don't know what you lot want I am going to make a list of things I could do.  If you see this post vote or share an idea because it's going to help seether.  If you don't want to help seether than pardon my language: Get the fuck out of Seether we don't need you holding us down.  So here's my list of ideas that I can do for you lot.

  1. 1.I can make a rival pack
    2. I can create a rescue operation for you people, maybe Torment fell down a well again or something.
    3. I can create some old shaman wolf that places a plague on the pack and you all have to work together to find the cure.
    4. I could have one of my characters go insane and either start killing people or kidnapping them.
    5. I create a character who can control the land, sea, and winds.  This god character will then flood the land and force the pack to find a new place to leave, along the way there will be challenges I create for the pack.
    6. I create a character that murders members of the pack at night, he/she will leave behind a flower to prove it was them, and it's up to you figure out who's the killer.

       Is something you want not on that list, put it in the comments below and I will gladly check it out and put it on the list.  Remember I need your opinions, what you like, what you want to see.  That list is just a preview of things pretty much, you can add onto them or even make something completely different.  There is no dumb answers, if you want the pack to get overrun by fire breathing squirrels and the rest of the pack likes that idea...well then I guess we are fighting fire breathing squirrels.
       Also I am open to ideas for ranks as well, if you think of a job for the pack that you believe that other packs don't have throw it out here and I will bring it up with the leaders.

-Love Sir Pope Bishop the III

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