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Seether Ladies

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New Blood
New Blood
Here marks all the female heirs that have long served Seether Carnage, and are now guiding us from above.

Rose, Goddess of Peace.

Died from a broken heart from the loss of her beloved, followed by old age.
Rose was the 2nd Alphess of Seether Carnage, ruling with Vincent.
Her soul can be found as a tri-grey and red doe.

Liacye, Lady of Destiny.

Died of a brain tumor.
Liacye was very attached to many in the pack, and was a great Red Lady. Her title, 'Goddess of destiny' was for her destiny for her own mother.
It is said her soul takes up residence in rats. Particularly white rats.

Voidage, Lady of Insanity.

Died in a battle with another canid.
Voidage ruled alongside Lord Zarren, in a great and successful era of their time in Seether. Lady Voidage was known to be insane, but only kept her sanity when taking care of the pack.
Her soul can be found as a ??.

Zelina, Lady of Patience.

Has Retired.
Lady Zelina has been known for granting patience when Seethers weren't around often. She had managed to keep Seether striving and flourishing for the time she was Lady.
Her soul can be found as a blanched bear.

Mercee, Lady of Revenge.

Never seen again.
Mercee had been known for striking fear into the hearts of many others, including Seether as well. She had left for a while, and soon never returned to finish her own era.
Her soul will be found as a ??.

Syrile, Lady of Knavish.

Has Retired.
The small healer grew into a nightmare. Nice to those who demanded respect, yet another side of the female always shown to those she preyed upon. A killer able to consume whatever she wished in her path.
Her soul will be found as a Honey Badger with pink eyes.

Katina, Lady of Malevolence.

Has recently Retired.
Being the identical opposite of Goddess Rose, though merged to be Rose's reincarnation, this lass played in no fights. Only wounds were shown on her enemies, and blood from opponents leaked from her jaws. Preying on everyone, even her own children.
Her soul will be found as a ruby-pigmented, horned viper with electric blue eyes

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