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Seether Roster [7-3-15]

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1Seether Roster [7-3-15] Empty Seether Roster [7-3-15] on Fri Jul 03, 2015 8:54 pm

Lyravani LLC

Lyravani LLC
Black Salvatore
Black Salvatore
Roster for the new Seether Carnage. This roster should be updated weekly.~

Red Lord {LC}
Nicholai  {Panzram}
Vendessa  {White-Knight}

Black Salvatore {LLC}
Hari   {ThePunisher}
Hyde   {.Lullaby.}
Isthma   {Live^DieTogether}
Lyravani   {MoonShine27}
Vanslau   {.Sanctum.}

Grand Monarchy {LLLC}
Bishop {Grief_Hallowway}
Caligula {RestrictedChaos}
Inviffairri {SavageVial}

Maroon Bishop {LLCC}
Lucifer {CanibalWolf}


Crimson Sinner {LCX}

Warlord {LCC}
Kamikazi {Zodiac.}

Fletcher {LCH}

Pope {LCP}

Den Knight {LCD}

Border Keep {LCG}
Ankh {Shakra}

High Priest {LCO}

Mortal Sin {LCS}

Arch Angel {COO}
Chryvoni {Conceal}
Viso {Frodo-Synthesis}

Dark Umbrage {LVC}
Izolka {RomanceisBloody}


Dark Squire {LCc}
Druivix {Crucifix}

Jaaku {CXX}

Sanguine Divine {CSs}

Black Penumbra {VCc}
Valec {T o r n}


Exorcist {CX}
Arkziell {DinosaurChicken}

Carnage Bully {Cx}
Javvacci {FireMoonWolf}
Tyr {Chart}
Vezcrow {Corvus-Mortem}

Shadow {VC}
Static {WolvesUpon}

Navy Butcher {CC}

Saint {Cc}
Valeminia {GirMonster}
Valkrin {TrueColor}

Mage {CP}

Red Seeker {CH}
Piujiuii {GullotineEffect}

Hawkeye {CG}
Amadore {Cannibalistic}
Amaryllis {Dulex}
Cthulhu {Lady.Vice}
Rill {Kokai}

Arch Guardian {CO}

Herbalist {Co}
Merloe {purplepunerple14}
Siberia {Xiallia}

Red Immortals {CS}
Aleona {TheMorningStar}
Torn {rbluemel}
Zerrdehal {Sacred Indigo}

Youth Guardian {CD}
Zeria {BloodyCannibal}


New Blood {SC}
Alois {.AnimeTakeover}
Beliel {.Outcesticide.}
Insulux {.Sanctum}
Joel {press9}
Joke {silverfox0711}
Kalin {~Come.My.Way~}
Kolr {Tribal Shock}
Majestic {ArticWolf333}
Nephthys {YumYum}
Raxtin {aolu152}
Shibito {runepainter3}
Taboo {Pearbear}
Trix {PerfectDisaster}
Vendetta {Mockingjay98}
Vishnu {Lord Death}

Young Meat {lc,llc,lllc,llcc,c}
Talia c  {awkward.exe}
Venthium llc {RandomDude101}

Elden {lCl}

Omega {C}

Death Row }X{

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