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Some idea I wished to share

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1Some idea I wished to share Empty Some idea I wished to share on Tue Jun 03, 2014 3:06 pm

So like its something in feralheart, that I wish to make, but like its not for pack relations, but a new rp perhaps and possibly mapped.

So yeah this is all the small info of the idea, not yet a backstory to how it started yet

A strange world info: Animals

Hyrune Leopard
Height: 2 1/2 -5 ft
Weight: 50 lbs
Length: 4-5 ft
Pelt: Gold, Brown, Black
Markings: Grey, White, Ginger, Black
Eyes: Brown, Gold, Red, Yellow
Decor(?): Emblems that are made from the owls
Society(?): Some rogues and some in clans. All live as a family though.
Ranks(from high to low): Yin-Yu(Leader), Frew(Beta), Faw(Delta), Sewd(Healer), Hyn(Warrior), Tertre(Nurse(babysitter), Lewt(Scout/Assassin), Gryt(Cub), Vivih(Rogue), and Unyt(Shadowed Member)
Religion(?): Having great respect of others, living in the tombs of their homes they treat the other clans with little suspicion, but keep their own to themselves. They live under the leader, treating him/her like a god/goddess.
Land: They live in the heavy jungles of Peque, a place of near abandonment long ago by their ancestors, the Nuni Leopards(Now extinct).

Grend Duri Wolf
Height: 5-9 ft
Weight: 35-175 lbs
Length: 1-4 ft
Pelt: Varies
Markings: Varies
Eyes: Brown, Black, Yellow, or Blue
Decor(?): Wears different colored bands to signify rank
Society(?): All in separate packs, but live under one main ruler of one pack
Ranks(from high to low): Tyre(High alpha), Teqwe(Sub alpha of other packs), Yurv(Beta), Hegef(Delta), Ivi(Healer), Ijyg(Warrior), Daseq(Nurse), Friar(Scholar), Ijick(Scout/Assassin), Drib(Pup)
Religion(?): Living amongst their own kind, they keep their secrets and gossips to themselves. Even so they will cause drama by spreading rumors to others.
Land: They live wherever they find fit, mainly in the marshlands of Devu.

Truvie Bear
Height: 8-13 ft
Weight: 200-990 lbs
Length: 6-9 ft
Pelt: Brown, black, white, cream, gold
Markings: White, silver, grey, tan
Eyes: Brown, green, amber
Decor(?): Carry the skeletal wear of their deceased, feathers and plant paste sometimes applied during ceremonies or ranked
Society(?): At first divided and not always social unless with family, but will come together for celebration, spars, mating, or war
Ranks(from high to low): Temeb(Chief), Gequs(Second in command), Yuru(Warrior), Juwek(Cub)
Land: Reside mainly in the same region as the leopards do, but further away from contact and prefer some trees and a meadow
Religion(?): None

Welq Owl
Height: 18-25 in
Weight: 5-6 1/2 lbs
Wingspan: 5-10 ft
Feathers: Silver, Brown, Cream, Dusty, Mud, Grey
Markings: Grey, Cream, White, Black
Eyes: Black, Brown, Amber
Decor(?): None
Society(?): These owls have been messengers for many years for all the inhabitants around, heading to uncharted lands to help scout or hunt or even to give a message o peace or war I one side to the other
Ranks(from high to low): Depending on where they are located they blend their ranks into the other
Religion(?): Depending where they're located
Land: Everywhere

Vyve Fox
Height: 42-45 in
Weight: 11-13 lbs
Length: 11-78 in
Pelt: Silver, Grey, Ginger, Red, Orange
Markings: Black, white, grey, brown
Eyes: White, Silver, Blue, Hazel
Decor(?): Pastel paste from the plants around them
Society(?): Strange loners and clanners, but all the while aren't anymore harmful than a butterfly
Ranks(from high to low): Just healers
Religion(?): They believed in the methods of healin since they came into view. They have up their way of fighting in order to be of a more peaceful group that all can rely on.
Land: They reside in the deep forests of Des, mainly in caverns or trees

Temu Cheetah
Height: 4-8 ft
Weight: 57-98 lbs
Length: 2-6 ft
Pelt: Gold, Yellow, Black, Cream, brown
Markings: Brown, Grey, Black, Silver
Eyes: Blue, Amber, Brown, Black
Decor(?): They add on scars for each rank they receive
Society(?): Unlike regular cheetahs, these cheetahs live in multiple clans that are formed with four sub-chiefs that are counseled by one leading chief that made up the clans around them
Ranks(from high to low): Nuweq(High chief;A long, curving scar running across the face), Duberet(Sub chief;Short, straight scar along the length of the tail), Wea-Pulo(Hunter; Three scars on one leg), Caehu(Healer;One, thin scar along the middle of the face), Kiyed(Scout/Assassin;Two, thick scars on either side of the spinal region)
Religion(?): They believe in a wind and earth god that they've believed had helped them gain their speed and agility for millions of years. The earth god they call Ruvex, the wind god they call Nuy-Saq
Land: They run all over the dry, grassy lands of Fluik

Certain species here is entitled to a rare occasion, multiple times, or a never occurrence of albino or fully jet black genes being shown. Here is something to settle the confusion:

Hyrune Leopard:
•Jet Black: 43-67%
Grend Duri Wolf:
•Jet Black-79-100%
Truvie Bear:
•Jet Black-54-76%
Welq Owl:
•Jet Black-4-17%
Vyve Fox:
•Jet Black-4-20%
Temu Cheetah:
•Jet Black-13-34%

Their markings will blend into he pelt/feathering, but no one will even tell I there were any at all

The lands they all live in are either a forest to jungle terrain(Peque), desert to grassland(Fluik), or marshland to sandy beaches(Devu).
Each of these places has a sub-place. Peque has three major subs: Des, Hequ, and Jafeb. Fluik has four: Bevez, Vezui, Qeas, and Lezuik. Devu only has two: Zeoip and Qwemun

Hope y'all like it and see ye on fh x3

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