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1Mmhrvjfkdjk Empty Mmhrvjfkdjk on Sun Feb 09, 2014 7:06 pm


Red Lord
Red Lord
You can probably tell, I am quite pissed. I really am.

Not meaning to put anyone down, or hurt anyone's feelings, but seriously, I feel so unappreciated. Ever since I was Zarren. When I ruled a long time ago, I felt like no Red Lord, not any rank. Just an entertainer to everyone in the pack. Maybe I am? I don't even care. All I know is that I am quite pissed. No, I don't like to take my anger out on anyone, but from now on, I am stepping up.

I'm going to start cracking down on training, and other things. No need to take the wheel for me, because I promise you, I have it handled. You've yet to see me really angry and pissed off, and that isn't a side i'd like to show. Really, i'd hate for that to happen. But really, I am pissed off. I really am. I feel so, unhappy with my way of work that people tend to go off and do their own thing. They disagree with me. They put me down and I am sick and tired of it.

Let me reveal something, and it isn't rocket science. I am NO entertainer. I am not a puppet. I ran 2 terms and with all due respect, I had my times where I was ready to leave. Some of you question my ways of how I do things. I side with the lesser quadrant. I see myself as a lesser person. When Ravage was going to slaughter CC, yeah, I sided with CC, and everyone disagreed with me. Everyone worries about Seether's 'reputation'. Who the fuck cares about a damn reputation? Seriously? Reputation means nothing to me. As long as I have my family, that is all that matters. If you are here just to be in one of the most popular packs in FH, sorry to say, but that irks me.

I had to get this off my chest, because I have felt this way for a long time. I just never said it. Yes, we are legends, yes, we are active. We are that pack that people quake and tremble to the sound of it. But we are a family. That is most important, correct?

I'm not angry at anyone, just kind of upset that I felt this way in front of my family. I seriously need help and cooperation from you all. I need people to 'hear' me. Hear me when I speak my mind. Seriously, I don't want this to be like my life now. I really don't. So I beg of you, correspond with me.



Legends Never Die

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