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Behind Kamikazi

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1Behind Kamikazi Empty Behind Kamikazi on Sat Jul 04, 2015 12:43 am

Behind Kamikazi 6XHObxz
Hey hoes, name's Amber. Dat me.
I have played Kazo,Vanquish, and Nymph. Presently I'm known as Kamikazi.
Just call me Amber or Amb OOC.
I own four cats, and a rabbit.
Cats ~ Grey, Scrub, Chibi, and Nublord.
Rabbit ~ Ren.
I used to have a parakeet named Cocopuff.
Don't trust me to name animals. Seriously.
I'm 5'0.
I like strawberries and peaches.
I'm known for picking up spiders and snakes.
Right now, as shown above, my hair is dyed pink and blue.
I'm not sure what to dye it next but I'll figure it out.
I'm naturally dirty blonde.
Hazel eyes.
My nickname was liquid macaroni.
My birthday is November 20th.

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