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1V E Z C R O W  Empty V E Z C R O W on Fri Jul 03, 2015 10:56 am


❥Holds the title of Vezcrow.
❥Can also be known as Vez, Vezzy, or Crow.
❥Gifted with the genitals of a male.
❥Holds the age of two years (in canine years).

❥Mother is deceased.
❥ Father is deceased.
❥ Shares blood with no siblings.

❥ Has his eyes on faes and brutes.
❥ Has his eyes on no one.
❥ Has his heart bound to no one.
❥ Fathering no pups.

❥ Holds refuge in Seether Carnage
❥ Holds the rank of Carnage Bully ( Cx )

❥ Trusts Vendessa, Joke.
❥ Loyal to Vendessa

❥ He has a charming, mysterious, quiet, loner, distant personality.
❥ He's highly observant.
❥ When he warms up to you he can be protective, caring, kind, loyal, and a great-listener.
❥ He has a VERY bad temper, once triggered, he is aggressive, brutal, and unforgiving.

❥ {Likes} Anything that amuses him for he isn't easily amused.
❥ {Dislikes} Drama, Annoyance, Being Threatened.

"I was quiet, but I wasn't blind." - Jane Austen

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