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Caligula van Helsing Bloodjaw

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1Caligula van Helsing Bloodjaw Empty Caligula van Helsing Bloodjaw on Wed Jul 01, 2015 3:23 pm

Caligula van Helsing Bloodjaw 4311595
Caligula van Helsing Bloodjaw 4311597
Caligula van Helsing Bloodjaw 4311600
(c) Philanthropist
Caligula van Helsing Bloodjaw Tumblr_mkgfu5HtN21rogt7jo1_500
"Never let them take the LIGHT behind your EYES."
Caligula van Helsing Bloodjaw 42a248d61bf1c6109a8ec3ee041c1f0fae358ef6

Full Epithet Pronounced As Cah-Lig-U-Lah va-hn Hell-sing Blood-jaw

Aliases Recognized As Cali, Cal, Gully

Aliases Pronounced As Cal-Ee, Gull-Ee

Southern Region Displays Feminine

Hourglass Calculates Five Years

Reeks Of Blood and Lily of the Valley

Vocalizes With A(n) Unknown Accent 

Voice Claim Is Ymir (Attack on Titan)

Stands At 3'8" From Shoulder Down

Caligula van Helsing Bloodjaw 1df831487a0e123f2d44a25f9ae0f2b06dd28129

Affiliated Among Seether Carnage

Resided In This Establishment Since June 30th, 2015 (Rejoined)

Bows Head To Red Lord/Lady and Black Salvatore(s)

Upholds The Rank Of Grand Monarchy (LLLC)

Authority Level Is Considered High

Formerly Held Ranks Are llc, SC, Cc, CC, LCc, LCC, LLLC

Studies the Formalities Of Being A Warrior and Medic

Pursues The Rank Of Black Salvatore

Previously Mentored By Leviathan and Hades Bloodjaw

Currently Guarding Venthium Bloodjaw 

Caligula van Helsing Bloodjaw 872e75204ae04ecc3dc402f09860d052cd310cac

Bloodline Originated From Vincent Bloodjaw

Male Predecessor Was Leviathan van Helsing Bloodjaw 

Female Predecessor Was Unknown

Part of the Bloodjaw Lineage

Sibling To Venthium Bloodjaw

Matriarch To Diocletian and Aevis Legionnaire

Caligula van Helsing Bloodjaw 9eb9d96b6f96a0a4cef9dc51a30af6957ddea402

Soul Bound To No Wolf

Intrigued By One Wolf

Heart Broken By A Single Brujo

Entranced By Both Genders

Caligula van Helsing Bloodjaw Dff3d623bf0471c42e139c7d02f4926372d1641d

Physical Health Dwells At 99%

Mental Health Dwells At 80%

Suffers With Insomnia /Nightmare Disorder, Anxiety Tendencies, Selective Mutism, Slight Schizoid Personality Disorder, High Obsessive Compulsive Disorder for Cleanliness, and Slight Narcissistic Personality Disorder  

Covered In Scars

Caligula van Helsing Bloodjaw 2cf6ffab944c6179c17570b0847146ce2b8769d0


Nicknamed with Cal at a young age due to being gender fluid.

Is Fluent In Spanish, French, Italian, German, Latin, Norwegian, Greek

Has A Tendency To Enjoy The Taste Of Blood and Reside Alone

Caligula van Helsing Bloodjaw 5147f9fafc457f1defc8d76b4aa26fc1fcd00dcb

Caligula van Helsing Bloodjaw 0ce94897ff41d3c6e39f55dd91876c30606c5262

"Nobody wants to die too fast."

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