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Our Cursed Past

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New Blood
New Blood

I would like to dedicate this post towards our fellow Seether's, without you, history would've never been founded. But this here will give our newer members some intell on our pack's history.

The Beginning

It was a late March weekend, around the 28th, when Seether Carnage was officially founded. The pack under went blue prints, and plotting before the official day it was birthed. Vincent(Canibalwolf) was at the time, the only head of the pack. As he under went recruiting, the pack slowly began to unfold, and grow. Trenton, or as you may know him, Manchester, was actually the very first member to join Seether Carnage, and the very first Beta at that. Several other wolves, that are long gone by now tumbled through the door along side Trenton. As Vincent was satisfied with the number of the small pack, they all returned to where we all reside now. Several hours passed, and another wolf named Seyton rolled into the ranks. He somewhat still resides along side us, today.

The Crowned Kings

As time went by, Seether Carnage continued to grow. However, Vincent decided to move the pack up above the Y river, of the plains. Or, where as the Benevolent wolf pack resides today. Vincent took the time to pull aside three out standing male wolves. Ace, Trenton, and Seyton. Taking a small trip, the trial headed up a hill, away from the distractions the pack had managed to create. Trenton being the first to speak with Vincent. Trenton almost instantly in that conversation became Beta, he proved his worthiness towards Vincent, and the pack it's self. Being the hardest achiever than any other wolf at the time. Next, came Seyton, crowned as the new third command, and last came Ace, being fourth in command. These wolves proved a lot into becoming the first in their ranks, and with that they helped Vincent achieve great things with the pack.

Estellia the first Red Lady of Seether Carnage.

Before the males were given their glorious new ranks, a grey-ish female wolf named Estellia was caught limping across the field Trenton and Vincent were speaking besides. Vincent caught her in the corner of his eye, and with quick wits rushed down to help, whilst allowing Trenton to take charge of Seether until he returned. The female was badly injured, just finished fighting off a crocodile. Vincent called for his medic, and the pair tended to the female, and brought her back to the territory. Within time of her healing process, the female joined the ranks of Seether, and not short after, became Vincent's mate. The first Red Lady of Seether Carnage, was officially accomplished. Pretty soon, the pair had at least two pups, one unforgivingly became a still born, but, the other was Vincent's first born son, Devon. A brownish, black ish feisty little bundle he was. And after that, Vincent managed to rescue, and adopt another pup named Xarox.

Estellia Issue.

Seether was still growing, and with Red Ra}V{age as an allie, after Vincent and Boone fought it out, the V's were kicked out from their territory. Vincent granting permission to take/hold the V's territory, Boone accepted, and the pack moved once more. Taking over the V's side of the plains for a little bit. As the pack was pretty large then, and continuing, Vincent found it hard to make his own time for his family, thus causing Estellia to fall into an unwanted rage. While Vincent and Boone talked, the female decided to hire an assassin to attempt to murder Estellia, forcing Vincent to pay attention to her. As the male returned, he found Estellia, and the assassin fighting. Butting in, the male fought alongside his mate, causing the assassin to flee for the moment. However, days went by, and Vincent found the assassin, and Estellia fighting nearly almost every day. Pulling Estellia aside, questioning her, Estellia told Vincent what he'd never want to hear. She had gone behind his back, and caused treason, to basically get Vinny to pay attention to her. With rage, Vincent broke the tie with the damsel, and shortly after the pack chased her out. Estellia, obviously not over with her games yet, continued to screw around with Seether for some time.

Rose Blood Jaw, Goddess of Seethers.

A female wolf by the name of Rose Ashe Bloodjaw, at the time was just a mere little warrior upon the ranks of Seether, and as Ravage took their homelands back, Vincent, and the pack moved a little below them, were the Mist-Pack resides today. Rose at the time was courted to a chocolate brown wolf by the name of Cade, well the two where mated for some time until Cade decided to vanish one day, and never return. Leaving Rose alone. While Vincent had just recently gotten over Estellia, the two decided to share a long evening talk, while the pack was away. That conversation resulted into Rose becoming Vincent's new mate, also known as the real first Red Lady of Seether Carnage. Everyone liked the idea, but it took them some time to learn to trust Rose, but pretty soon she gained everyone's acknowledgment and was accepted as the new Red Lady.

Enemies; Ookami Pack

For a while, Ookami and Seether were allies for some time, the two paid friendly visits, and became pretty close with their alliance. Until Cade became one of them. Outraged upon seeing his face, Rose began argueing with the brute, which caused minor turmoil, and stir up with the packs. Pretty soon, as the pair continued, the alpha decided to send an attack upon Seether Carnage. Thundering down towards the pack, a minor war had set off, and Seether found its self fighting for their goddess, and for their respect. Cade and Rose fought for some time, while Vincent, and the rest of the pack kept the others distracted. Killing, and chasing as many as they could. Finally the war came to hault, standing victorious was of course Seether, however Julia wasn't over yet. The survivor's fleed down the valley, as Seether returned towards their homeland, tending to their wounded. Fortunately, nobody was killed. But, Julia decided to show her face towards Vincent several hours later, testing the pack until they gave her a run for her life, obviously this time knocking it into her brain, because the damsel never returned.

Ulrica & Derain.

As time passed, Vinny and Rose had many children, and I mean, many. One of them being a daughter named Ulrica. Well, as this kind little darling grew up, her kindess soon turned into hatred, especially towards her mother, Rose. Because the thing is, Ulrica was Estellia and Vincents pup, but Rose willingly took her in as her own. Ulrica grew up to hate Rose, and she had no worries telling anyone of it. Pretty soon, their little girl, turned into their little nightmare. Ulrica befriended a brute named Derain, and the duo became rather dangerous. One night, as Vincent was away, Derain took Rose, and raped her. By the order of Ulrica. Pretty soon, he had no worries showing up, running away as fast as his legs could carry him, when the pack figured him out. He kept returning until pretty soon Vincent managed to gather Ravage into his murder. Finally, the male was killed. And Ulrica was left with a lot of explaining.

Sisterly love.

Pandora Bloodjaw, the kin of Vincent and Estellia, had finally returned home after a long life mission. Gaining knowledge of what Ulrica had done to the pack, and to her parents, she was pretty outraged. Vincent knew his next step with Ulrica was the hardest. She had to be killed, her strong treason brought her own fate. And with Vinnys word, Pandora set out to kill Ulrica. The two fought, but Pandora was victorious, successfully killing her own sister with regret. But she knew deep in her head, that what she did was right, in it's own way. Vincent took it the hardest, killing off his own child. But it needed to be done.

The New Generation I

Many wolves began to settle down upon Seether Carnage, forming many, many pups. The pack was littered with pups, and with that, the new generation of Seether Carnage was born.

The Great Depression, Death of the Carnage Lords.

Many members know of the two greatest canines to ever flock the lands, Rose and Vincent. Aka, the former Red Lords of Seether. Vincent Krimsaan Bloodjaw was the first to kick the bucket. Out on an evening cruise, as his age bit at his weaken bones, it had come to the point that arthritis raided his skeleton. It was in the zone in which Vincent could not get in any rough spars, or fights. After his stroll, he had crashed down the river to fast, as he returned. Popping a spinal cap outta place, as he was to be healed, the medicine only made his brain go insane, forcing the elder brute to see shadows, and things that were far from reality. As the Lord thrashed, it had caused severe damage to his wounded spinal region, only causing it to break completely, causing the beast to die, almost instantly. A week had passed, and Rose Ashe Bloodjaw was the last to leave the world. Falling very ill, her sickly heart could not take the damage the death of her beloved mate caused, finding a silent spot, the brutja died quickly of her broken heart, and sickly body. Overwelmed, the pack grieved, Xarox was placed in the thrown, as he debates whom will run by his side.

The Departure

After Vincent's leave as the pack had finally seemed stabilized, Xarox had begun to take his leave. The pack was beginning to crumble beneath the sand it swayed on. Deyanira tried her best to keep this pack together. Xarox had soon left, followed by Deyanira. Zarren and Voidage had soon to take the throne of the new Red Lords, and held this rank together dearly. As well as the pack.

This New Generation II

During this time, Voidage and Zarren had accomplished much during this time. Living a life of prosperity and legendary livelihood. Soon, Void had encountered Death, as it came knocking too quickly for the poor Red Lady. She was surrounded by her dearest family, and friends of all kinds. Soon, Zarren was left on his own to lead Seether, soon to find a new Red Lady to take Void's place. Which he had granted his previous student, Liacye.

All The Merrier

As Seether was becoming more stable, more things had erupted. Rumors had been spreading, and violence had been erupting. By most known as the duo of Hoshea and Slade. For their treachery on the pack, they were removed. Never to be seen otherwise. Seether had many problems to overcome, which they did infact. This family had grown too strong to be overpowered by such little issues and schemes of the sort.

Suddenly All Real

Soon enough, it was Lord Zarren's time to pass. It was a saddening time for Seether, as well as their allies. Many of their alliances, as well as complete strangers had attended the funeral of Lord Zarren. He was also surrounded by many of his family members. Though it was saddening, someone had to fill this lad's place. His son, Charken, would fill in the Red Lord spot further on.

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