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'Nother Suggestion hurhur

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1'Nother Suggestion hurhur Empty 'Nother Suggestion hurhur on Wed Mar 05, 2014 9:04 pm

Not sure if this goes here or not lmao

So, anyway, I wanted to suggest of changing the scout and assassin names.

Red Immortal to Red Shadow
Shadow to Grim Immortal.

In a way, assassins are the vague definition of immortal, since they track down, kill, then walk away with a 85% chance of assassinating their target, and if they do, they walk away with their "immortality."

Scouts are kind of like shadows, whereas assassins are "immortal," scouts are shadows. That's what they do, they blend in, and they're not there at all. To assume that an assassin is a shadow isn't accurate, because shadows are still, and assassins strike with lightning.

I like parallel structure xDD -OCD senses-

Thanks for reading another boring suggestion ;_;

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