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Frequently Asked Questions

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When do I get my initiation?
After you've been active for two real life days, you will receive either a Carnage or a Red Moon Ritual.
What is a Carnage?
A Carnage is Seether's canine initiation into the pack. A C is carved upon the body. Your C is worn to signify your affiliation with Seether Carnage. It is worn with pride along with the rest of the scars you gain both during your Carnage, and throughout your life.
Can I fight back?
No, you are not allowed to fight back. But rest assured that the Carnagers are not allowed to kill you or break any bones. Dislocations are allowed, however.
How long does a Carnage last?
5 minutes. It will always be timed. Once time is called, a healer will tend to your wounds.
Can I choose where I want my C?
Where can I get my C carved?
You may get your C carved anywhere over your body, aside from your forehead. Betrayers and enemies, that have been exterminated, bare a C upon their forehead.
What is the Red Moon Ritual?
The pack initiation for the cat division of Seether Carnage. After your two days are up, a full red moon will be painted upon your body. See below for being a kit/born into the pack.
How does the paint not wash off when I go in the water?
There is a special ingredient in the paint so it is permanent.
Can I choose where my moon is painted?
Yes, you may. Same rules as the C placement.
How do I get a full moon?
If you are a recruit, you will receive your full moon after your 2 days initial wait. See below for being born into the pack, or joining as a youngin'.
I was born into the pack/am a pup/kit! How long before I can get my initiation?
At 6 months of age, 1 month real time, a Young Meat will receive their Carnage.
When a kit is born, they will receive the first quarter of their red moon. At 8 months of age, 1 month real time, they will receive another quarter upon being apprentices. They will receive yet another quarter at 18 months. Their full moon will be complete as they turn into a warrior. Upon which they will be allowed to choose from the ranks below.
What ranks can I choose from?
CD (Youth Guardian - Pup sitter), CS (Red Immortal - Scout), Co (Herbalist - Medic), CG (Hawk Eye - Border control), CH (Red Seeker - Hunter), CP (Mage - Therapist), Cc (Saint - Warrior), and Cx (Carnage Bully - Carnager/Bully), VC (Shadow - Assassin), and Cl (Crimson Steward - Carnage Secratary).
You can also ask members present at the time of your Carnaging/Red Moon Ritual what ranks are needed most.
Read about them here!
Can I choose who I want to Carnage me/give me the Red Moon Ritual?
Yes, you may request who initiates you into the pack. However, if they are not online, your Carnage/Red Moon Ritual may be delayed until they come on. Or unless you allow someone else to do so.

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