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Behind Amadore

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1Behind Amadore Empty Behind Amadore on Thu Jul 02, 2015 5:09 pm

Behind Amadore 29_zps0ihklpvu
This is the man behid Amadore.
Nope. No blue hair.  
♦My real name is Kentaro.
♦I am 18 years old.  21/01/1997
♦I have a strange personality that not many can cope with, but you'll learn how to deal with it if you know me for a tad longer. 'Tis me brain that fucks up.

♦You can call me Kent, Kentaro, Ama, Amad, Shitface Or whatever you want.

♦I graduated and start working in august.

♦ I have 7 dogs, 2 cats, 2 rats, a canary, a bunny, a guinea pig and two turtles.
♦Dogs: Lozana-Galgo/ Inana-Galgo/Calimero-Galgo/Aythami-Podenco mix/ ♥Bones♥-Border Collie/Hera-Border Collie/ Kwispel-Malthese.
Do I really have to do this? xD
♦I'm a fan of Hannibal, The Walking Dead and Doctor Who.
♦Yes, I have strange interests, do you really want to know?

♦Anything else? Just ask.

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