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Carnaging | How it Works

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Red Lord
Red Lord
A carnage, a basic initiation into Seether itself. A quick explanation is given here.

After three days of activity, a recruit undergoes a Carnage. The recruit is taken to the shore, and three attackers must be present with a timer, and a herbalist. For 5 minutes, the recruit is attacked with an onslaught of things from the attackers, and the recruit may not fight back.

Once the time is up, the timer will stop the Carnage and welcome the recruit into the ranks. They will also be tended to immediately. 

Before the carnage starts, the recruit must pick where their C scar will be located, and who will carve it. They must also choose a starting rank from this board: Starting Ranks before the carnage.

Rules to the Carnage:

-Recruit may not fight back
-Attackers may not break any bones, or cause fatal damage
-After the 5 minute mark, and the timer calls it, you must finish your posts.
-Attackers may post cut

Pups at the age of 8 Months are due for carnaging as well.

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