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Behind Rose

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1Behind Rose Empty Behind Rose on Tue Oct 21, 2014 7:05 pm


New Blood
New Blood
Behind Rose M10



My name is Madison Denise Acker but sh. Only certain people know my middle name. |D

I just turned 15 about a week ago on October 13th.
And yeah, I led SC when I was12, my first round as Rose.<3

Uh, I have a step-brother who is only 9 months younger than me. Because my dad cheated on my mom a little before I was born. So BAM. Brother.

I have 3 cats, Gizmo, Lilly, Sissy. All siblings from a cat I used to have. They are my babies, though I wish I had a German Shepard or Pitbull. Something big.

I have too many friends. At school.

And a lot here. My bestest ones are Dessie, Tony/Manny/Trenton(Willis), and Kayleebae.
Don'tfuckwiththemcuzIlovethemallsomuch. Notnamingfavorites.

I'm pretty short, about 5'2. More short than tall.

I've been on FH and apart of SC for more than 3 years, and don't regret my time spent here.


That's about it. <3


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