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Known Eras

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New Blood
New Blood
Seether Era's listing from the Previous Lord's rule.

The Genesis Era

The establishment of Seether Carnage as followed by less turmoil to the fine republic.
Led by Lord Vincent and Lady Rose. Now our Carnage Gods.

The Lucid Era

The rational and equal foundation of Seether Carnage which was also led with lessly turmoil to the fine society.
Led by Lord Xarox and Lady Deja(For some time)

The Deficient Era

The lessened foundation of Seether Carnage which followed with some costly turmoil such as inactivity for most members.
Led by Lady Deyanira and Lady Voidage (For some time)

The Opulent Era

The prosperous foundation of Seether Carnage which gained popularity for quite some time. Also breaking in 20+ members at one time.
Led by Lady Voidage(For a short time) and Lord Zarren and Lady Liacye.

The Surmount Era

The continuously successful era in which contained Seether's popularity and kept it growing with less turmoil.
Led by Lady Liacye and Lord Charken.

The Ebullient Era

The arising virtue era which lessened, then once grew with activity. Turmoil wasn't present and we were prospering.
Led by Lord Carnival and Lady Syrile.

The Plummet Era

The rising of family blood filling the seat as the Lord and Lady. Chaos was minisculely present during this time, though we pulled through. Though soon came to a close of our family, for several months' time.
Led by Lord Hush and Lady Katina.

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