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Does The Blood Run Through Your Veins?

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1Does The Blood Run Through Your Veins? Empty Does The Blood Run Through Your Veins? on Tue Oct 21, 2014 4:10 pm


New Blood
New Blood
Welcome our Blood-Bound Kingdom.

This is our family tree, consisting of plenty of members who link to each other.

To access the tree, go to and log in.

Username: SeetherCarnage
Password: seethercarnage

Go to the tab that says Family Trees. Select the Bloodjaw Family Tree. Dont make a new tree please.

Yes, the Ironjaw family line does sort of collide with us. Zarren is related to Jazmyne Jay, whom mated to Boone's son, Lohviiar. So yes, some of you are related to Boone, and the Ironjaw familia.

The most famous family names currently: Bloodjaw, Gore, and Scorn.

Seems like we all find our blood spilling elsewhere.

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