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What Our Blood Represents

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New Blood
New Blood
Seethers are not what you may call, normal. No, we are well known for ripping a carcass bit by bit, giving a wolf, there worst nightmare. And showing no fear, want a battle? You'll get one. Were a true family, a strong wolf pack. Mess with one, you'll mess with them all. If you ever call us 'normal' we'll show you otherwise, and perhaps change you're mind.

"It's an honor to be killed, or even fought by a Seether." -Quoted by Lithium.

Dare to fight, or even plot a fight upon a Seether? Well, keep this image, or paragraph in you're tiny little head, that you call a brain.
We'll go for the throat, pull you to the ground, drink you're blood clean from you're veins, we'll cackle, and laugh, and circle you're suffering body, as you take you're last breath, may the true torture begin. All Seethers will take the sharpest point of there claws, and neatly skin you're pelt clean from you're cold body, it will be used as blankets for our cold pups, you're eyes will be ripped clean from there sockets, and squeezed upon you're flesh as seasoning. You're flesh will vanish in a heartbeat, as it settles in our bellies. You're bones will be carefully ripped from there fragments, and cleansed with our own teeth. They'll be used as useful tools, and perhaps something to chew on. And as for you're tail, that you once used for happiness, it will be shoved into one of you're holes, and neatly pulled through the other end, and maybe even used as game of tug of war between our pups, or even members, of course, until it rips.So, what were you saying about us fighting?

Remember, before you do something stupid, or call us something stupid, just remember.

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