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IC And OOC Red Laws

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1IC And OOC Red Laws Empty IC And OOC Red Laws on Mon Oct 20, 2014 9:43 pm


New Blood
New Blood

1.) Respect every rank tag holding a "L" for the rank name is under, Sub-Dominant ranking.

2.) Betrayal upon the pack is not tolerated. Members of betrayal will be either removed, or sentences death upon the situation.

3.) You shall not have any relations, such as a mate, or kin in range of an enemy pack. If a sibling resides within an enemy pack, you'll be forced to ignore the sibling.

4.) No other member, besides the Dominant, or Sub-Dominant ranks can have pups. Basically, no other member, besides the previous ranks, can breed. However, if you join with pups, will be alright.

5.) Recruits(New Bloods) will not be able to leave the territory without permission. If rule is broken, your rank will have to wait longer then 3 days, as permitted. If broken again, you'll be removed. ((Only if you've been given a warning.))

6.) Stealing from another pack, such as, mate, parents, pups, etc, will be handled with a punishment carnage, or omega punishment.

7.) Adoption, is optional beyond the pack. Mates are accepted, however with the Red Lord's concern/ notice.

8.) God modding, power playing, and one hit KO's are STRICTLY not allowed in the pack.

9.) Try to keep the literacy flowing, you maybe not the best rp'er in the world, but try to keep you're role play posts in paragraphs. No one sentence rp'ing is allowed, this also goes for RP samples. ((Unless of course your on your lazy day.))

10.) Keep fights/spars In Character. If Out Of Character quarrels break loose, will result into a punishment carnage, if subject responds back, immaturely.

11.) Cursing of all ages is welcomed, however keep it in group, please, don't over use this rule, and respect others.

12.) Flirting with a pack member is an okay situation, however keep it child friendly, if not, please move it to whisper.

13.) Heavy use of gore, and violence is welcomed into the pack.

14.) New Bloods will be recruited into the pack, and given three actual days {No Game Days.} to be proven into the pack. This law, will judge off you're rp, and activity, and how you act towards pack members. If failed, you'll be punished, or exiled. Depending on the situation.

15.) Pups, until ranked cannot leave the territory.

16.) New Bloods(Recruits) CAN enter into fights, or wars, if the quarrels are near, or on the territory.


1.) Ranked members, are to have a "C" located in there name tags, some were. However, it'd be better, to have the tags after you're name.

2.) Please, no OOC drama, move it to whisper, or use the block button.

3.) Trouble makers, and attention seekers are not tolerated. This goes for IC as well. {If you're character is naturally devious, make sure to inform the Red Lords first.}

4.) New members, are to be active for three real days, to be accepted into the Seether Carnage ranks.

5.) Trolling, god modding, and creating false accounts to start drama, is not wanted, or needed. This goes for all ranks, if caught, you'll be punished, or removed.

6.) Harrassment, and land claiming is not to be shown, however, it is provoked if intruders acts up.

7.) Parent, and mate begging is not allowed.

8.) If you are a New Blood, please put exactly, SC in you're name tags.

9.) Try you're best to be active as possible!

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