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Young Blood Laws

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1Young Blood Laws Empty Young Blood Laws on Mon Oct 20, 2014 9:37 pm


New Blood
New Blood
1.) Growing Rule.
You are only allowed to hold the Young Blood rank for approximately 1 month or less. You must grow realistically, every two days, until your character has reached it's mature height. You will grow 6 months in-game for every 1 month in real life. Or otherwise wished foryour character.

2.) Sticking With The Pack.
Pups cannot leave the rock, or territory at all. Until ranked, pups cannot leave, under any situation. Only time of departure, is under the Alpha's wing, their parents, or specific ranked tiers.

3.) Obtaining A Rank.
Pups will be carnaged at the age of 6 months or older. Pups can decide, whether they're ready to get there carnage, and may pick a rank for themselves. If not, parents are free to decide their rank, or when they begin there carnage, which is rare.

4.) Family Time.
The now, fully grown pups, may search for there true love, upon the packs ranks, only if they are older then a year, and a half. However, the puppy, cannot have a family of there own, unless, they are ranging in the Dominant Tier ranks. ((This is optional))

5.) Done!
After you have gone through your pup years, go ahead and move on to the Rules and Regulations board.

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