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A Little Something

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1A Little Something Empty A Little Something on Wed Apr 23, 2014 10:44 pm


Red Lord
Red Lord
It's coming around that time that Seether is falling in a rut of inactivity again. Hopefully we can fix that with something exciting. First to kick off, we are going to have an RP day. Where Seethers get together and train, role play, and just have fun. Many should have a chance not to just sit around on their butts and not role play. AFter all, this is a Wolf RP. So that day will be set soon. Another notion, we are going to have a HUGE festival. Tons of games, parties, roleplaying, Carnaging, all that fun stuff. Me and Hush might even have a little Mock battle set up for your pleasure, eh?

As well as, this festival should be set up to guide along. Celebrate your previous, and current Lords. As we give to you, you give back to us.

So I encourage you all now. Which Lord is your Hero? And why? Post down in a reply below. You can either put one lord, or a few, it does not matter.Carnage will celebrate what they have, and what we live for. We will NOT go inactive again. I like to see at least 12 or more online..~ Like we used to.

Let's step up Seether!

~Captain Crashy and The Penis Wrangler

Legends Never Die

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