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New Superpower RP :D

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1New Superpower RP :D Empty New Superpower RP :D on Sun Apr 20, 2014 8:05 pm

Lyravani LLC

Lyravani LLC
Black Salvatore
Black Salvatore
'Ello everyone. I just thought of an RP idea that could be cool and fun, so I wanted to share with you all. :3

It's a human superpower kinda thing. Everyone would be allowed 1 sort of superpower {flight, invisibility, elasticity, etc.} to have in their normal everyday life. Normal citizens would know about these people, so they can use them in broad daylight.

You'd get to create your character anyway you'd like: any hairstyle, color, body type, human, alien, creature. Whatever you can think of!

This would take place in a modern day city.

Now for the fun part:

1. People can team up and make alliances with other people. Say if one of you has fire elemental abilities, you can join up with someone who has similar powers. OR you can join someone who is completely different.

2. You each have a little charm, which doubles as your 'symbol'. It can be a necklace, bracelet, ring, etc. but it has to be easily removable.
At any time, someone else can steal your sigil off your person and take it as their own until you get it back. Which means a fun superpower battle.

3. The more charms or 'symbols' you acquire, the more powerful you are.

Now you might be asking, "Cyth, what about powerplaying?"

- Of course, people might say that having super powers gives people advantages over each other. THAT'S THE FUN PART.
Ex: If your power is flight, you can easily surprise attack someone and fly off with their charm. But that means you get to team up with others and get your charm back.



1. No extreme powers like flaming tornadoes or things like that. Be reasonable.

2. We'd roleplay/battle as we would in normal packs. FAIRLY WITH NO GODMODDING. You still have to do the whole 'attempt' thing during battles.

3. One superpower per person. {You can't have all the elements and say it's a package. Pick one.}

4. Have fun with it. Make your person creative.


Potential Superpowers or Abilities

Elemental abilities {Fire, water, earth, wind, shadow, lightning, ice, etc.}
Super strength
Stealth {Like Assassin's Creed kinda thing}
Intelligence {Like crazy, amazing smart that can build things.}
Battle skills. {Batman, Captain America type stuff.}

You can make up your own too.


This would be RPed here until I can get a map set up for us. :3


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2New Superpower RP :D Empty Re: New Superpower RP :D on Sun Apr 20, 2014 9:21 pm

Lyravani LLC

Lyravani LLC
Black Salvatore
Black Salvatore
New Superpower RP :D Variny10

Name: Varinyx Beauerin
Pronounciation: Ver-in-ix Bow-er-in
Alias: Nyx, Shadow Walker

Age: 22
Weight: 127 lbs.
Body Type: Thin with toned arms and legs.
Hair color: Jet black
Eye color: Golden
Tattoos: Across her face {As seen in picture}

Power: Stealth
Detailed abilities: Scaling walls, quietly walking in shadows, easy disappearances, etc.
Charm: Silver dagger necklace
Other jewelery: Snakebites, 5 earrings in both ears, eyebrow piercing
Accessories: Silver skeleton half-mask
Weapons: Two daggers strapped on either thigh. Knife up right sleeve.

Non-Power Clothes: Skinny jeans, red high heels, white button up sleeveless blouse, red belt.
Power Clothes: Full black and gray body suit with hood, leather knee high boots, silver skeleton mask.

New Superpower RP :D Downlo10

Power Clothes:
New Superpower RP :D Variny10

Skeleton Mask:
New Superpower RP :D Images10

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