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Not Much To Ask

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1Not Much To Ask Empty Not Much To Ask on Sat Apr 19, 2014 10:10 pm


Red Lord
Red Lord
Oi, as the title says. I know everyone is on skype, and I know SOME of you are able to get on FH. We are literally losing our activity. We have 3-5 on a day now. Rarely we are reaching 12 online. It's quite disappointing. I wish we had more activity, I beg of you dearly. Even if you can't get on FH, because your power is out, etc. That is fine. I am just saying to those who don't come on, even though they have access to FH. 

We are falling behind, everyone. We are actually decreasing in activity. Not again, I am tired of this shit. 

Wanna not be on at all? Fine. Then that is on you if Seether falls inactive. This time, I am not picking up every piece again. I need help. 


Legends Never Die

Not Much To Ask X7Y4pUg
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2Not Much To Ask Empty I feel you.... on Sat Apr 19, 2014 11:15 pm


I have to second this notion.

I shall keep this short......

When I first joined we saw activity numbers in the double digits, now I literally see the same 6-7 names... daily. Repetitively. Rather discouraging. Might I add majority of these members ARE NOT dominate ranks. We understand, we do. Everyone has a life outside of Seether Carnage and Feral Heart, but please. I ask if you no longer have interest in being active forfeit your rank (Dominate, high... low IT DOESN'T MATTER, this is directed to EVERYONE) to someone who IS going to provide for Seether what we need during this rough spout.

Honestly. Nothing ticks me off more then logging onto FH (during prime time hours) and seeing the same names I see everyday. -Posts in skype group- BLOWSUP. How are you all able to spend hours laughing and joking around via skype yet cannot spend the extra 30 seconds to get on Feral Heart? Seriously. Someone explain this to me? I just don't get it. I really don't. It pains me to sit here and watch Seether Carnage wither away.....

Um... HELLO? What happened to FAMILY? You all claim to love SC with all your hearts, think of all its members as a giant family. Well kiddos. If this is how you treat your family, I pitty you all. This is not the way a family works, you stick together. Through the good. Through the bad. Circumstances do not matter, family is family.

Sorry... Negative Nelly here <3

If I offend anyone. I do apologize. This is reality though. Sadly, it isn't all gumdrops, rainbows, and puppy dogs.

I personally would love to hear what I can do to make your stay in Seether more pleasurable. What do you want to see more of? Roleplaying? Sparring? Training? Contests? Tournaments? What is it that Seether lost in the past few months? Is something eating away at you all so badly that you do not want to get online? Is there a giant elephant in the room that I so blindly miss? If you don't tell us, we cannot help you~

This will do.... I suppose.

Thank you,

3Not Much To Ask Empty Re: Not Much To Ask on Sat Apr 19, 2014 11:24 pm

Yay truth
90% of the reason I'm not on is because of my WWE addiction
woo woo
I'm constantly on youtube or the WWE website and just stare at the superstars there
i suck i know
I don't know how I can get out of it ;u;
It's hard to multitask :\
To me, anyway.
10% of the reason is...
I want to RP more.
I want to train more.
I want to spar more.
I don't really care about the tournaments and pack runs
They're fun, but I like it when I'm RPing, sparring or training.
That's it, really... >w<

I'm sorry if I disappointed you, Hush and Syrile.
Honestly, I thought I'd be there for you...
But turns out I guess not.
Seriously, this addiction is eating away at me xDD
But I can only come on if there's anyone who's willing to train me.
I know it seems like a demand or something, but I don't want to waste time.
But there's Skype for that and yeah.
I like it when we're RPing; a lot.

I might seem like a dickhead or spoiled brat right now
But, again, I'm sorry.
Please don't villainize me for speaking out of my honesty? ;-;

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4Not Much To Ask Empty Re: Not Much To Ask on Sat Apr 19, 2014 11:27 pm


Red Lord
Red Lord
We aren't that mad, just kind of upset at the fact little to no one gets on anymore. I know everyone talks on skype, and I understand you'd like training! Personally, I will offer to train many of you if that is what you want. After all, this is a Wolf Role Play. I have no point in villainizing anyone for anything. I just want Seether to be active <3 Hush wants that too.

Legends Never Die

Not Much To Ask X7Y4pUg
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5Not Much To Ask Empty Re: Not Much To Ask on Sat Apr 19, 2014 11:48 pm


Okay, to clarify~

There is no anger, none. It's disappointment and frustration. Why should we pour all our free time into Seether, only to have members throw it back in our face? You know? All we want to see is Seether continue to grow and prosper. If this means becoming hardass douchebags... then I guess that's what you will see. No more Captain Crashy and The Penis Wrangler... Done. Gone. We love doing fun things. Its really what makes SC so unique, freedom to say and do what you please without the judgment of others. Being welcomed with open arms for being totally ridiculous 90% of the time... But you are really leaving us no choice.

I totally understand, Cher. Thank you for your honesty, and quick reply~
(I couldn't get 3 lines into your post with out giggling about your addiction, LOL.)

I am all for hosting more diligent roleplay sessions, and having designated days/mentors for training. Its a rather simple fix, we can certainly do this. I will make up a thread for those who wish to train to post adds/requests to do such. Also, I will start up a roleplay thread, if there is someone you wish to RP with but... you are not really friends/or simply do not get a chance to ask because they are always rping with someone else you can post it there. Lets call it the equivalent of a 'Dream RolePlay' thread shall we? It also gives you the option to get a group together and roleplay along a plot line.(which is always more fun for everyone)

If there is anything else we can do... feel free to post it~

6Not Much To Ask Empty Re: Not Much To Ask on Sun Apr 20, 2014 12:00 am

I'd like all kinds of mentors throwing things at Cheryln
I want her to be good in hunting, stalking, fighting, basically anything
She's my jewel right now x"D
It's my dream to come online, and say
"Anyone want to roleplay?" and bam start from there
I really like training with Seether.
It not only builds on the character details but builds on my skills.
stfu hush ;u;

If this is accomplished I'd be sooooooo happy

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