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Fallen Enemies

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Red Lord
Red Lord
Fallen Enemy Pack's

1st Willowed Redemption.

Short BackStory- Ruled over our old territory,and caused alot of unwanted drama.Willowed,and Seether's were about to do war over the territory until Red RaVage gave us there's. Once ravage came back, we still wanted to do war. However,they all suddenly disappeared and where never seen,or heard of again.

2nd Tapout.

Short Backstory- Many enemies of many packs,I haven't heard of the Tapouts having any kind of alliance what so ever. Then,when I was alone ((This was before Maxx got banned)) Some of his pack members ambushed me,and nearly killed me. Luckily I fled before they could do anymore harm. Then, when Maxx got banned Tapout's scattered off somewere else. I do think.

3rd The EarthBenders.
Short Backstory- The Male Alpha and I, have had a very bad past together, and after having them linger around the territory after a while, him and I were alone, and a huge fight struck out, of course, Vincent was successful, and with there Alpha dead, the pack crumbled.

Fallen Single Prey

1st Maxx.

Short BackStory- Well,he just got banned. And,was apart of the ambush towards me.

2nd Nessa.

Short Backstory- I don't remember much but. Her brother and herself apprently thought we were trolling them when about a billion times we had killed them. They powerplayed and ran off.Then,her brother sent spies and wandered around the outline of our homelands. He is still out there,but Nessa is no more.

3rd Dean.

Short BackStory- All I heard about him was he had ambushed a pack member and called 4-5 of his buddys to help do his bidding. When I caught word of this, a dear friend of mine agreed to help and we both sent out to find him. Once we did,I did a small chat with him then gave the signal. Both my buddy and I tore him to bits.Dean, is no more.

4th Anonymous

Short BackStory- I forgot the name of this wolf,however.. We happened to be hungry and seen a weak wolf laying next to our Alpha Rock. Without hesitation we ate her while her pack wasn't around. On a side note,her pack was an enemy of a good allie to us.

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