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Fallen Allies

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1 Fallen Allies on Sat Jan 04, 2014 12:30 am


Red Lord
Red Lord
Fallen Allies of Other Packs.

Boone BlightFang.
Member of Red Ra}V{age.

Died of- a Voodoo curse, that shortened the brute's life span, he runs with his pack, in the RaVaged Plains, or so, legend has it. May he rest in peace.

Marionette BlightFang.
Member of Red Ra}V{age.

Died of- a broken heart, to the loss of her beloved mate, Boone.

Member of Dark Battalion.

Died of- A Success full ambush, was ripped to shreds, and killed by a shady group of wolves, apprently waiting for his arrival.

Elder member of Seether Carnage.

Died of- A success-full like ambush, to protect her son of a wanted Seether fugitive named Ayami. Her throat was ripped out, and slowly, the poor verle died protecting those she loved.

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