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Fallen Seethers

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1 Fallen Seethers on Sat Jan 04, 2014 12:28 am


Red Lord
Red Lord
You circle the territory, questioning the pack of the dead, and the devil himself. A large crimson figure stands before you, his green eyes glow, and linger atop of you. He begins to walk, making you're legs stiffly follow him. He shows you around a dark, and unforgiving area, the soil loose, and wet. "Here, is were are dead is buried." He would back away, and return to his radius, as curiousity placed Tombstone, after tombstone. As you walked past them, they would read.

D.O.B 3.29.12
D.O.D ?
Died of a successful ambush.

Cade LCX
D.O.B ?
D.O.D 8.30.12
Killed by local packs.

Lithium LCC
D.O.B 5.07.12
D.O.D 8.13.12
Protected herself and died trying.

Crystal LLCC
D.O.B ?
D.O.D 8.13.12
Attempted to help Lithium, in the battle, was killed in the process.

Ulrica CH
D.O.B ?
D.O.D 9.4.12
Died in the jaws of the pack.

Estellia LC
D.O.B 4.17.12
D.O.D 5.21.12
Betrayed, and died of a lonely soul.

Vincent LC
D.O.B 1.14.12
D.O.D 11.14.12
Died of a broken spine.

Rose LC
D.O.B ?
D.O.D 11.18.12
Died of a rare illness, and a broken heart.

Mistake CX
D.O.B ?
D.O.D 6.21.13
Died protecting those she loved.

Zarren LC
D.O.B 1/27/12
D.O.D. 6/27/13
Died of old age and disease, and died happy with his work.

Paramore CC
D.O.B ?
D.O.D 6/30/13
Died from a pack mate, as ordered due to rabies.

Liacye LC
D.O.B ?
D.O.D 10/18/13
Died from a brain tumor, eventually had to be put down by her sister.

Arca VCC
D.O.B ?
D.O.D ?
Died from old age.

Leviathan LLC
D.O.B ?
D.O.D ?
Died from cancer and other diseases. Died alone with Manchester by his side.

Bristol LCX
D.O.B ?
D.O.D On the same day of Leviathan.
Died from cancer and other diseases. Died along with fellow pack mates.

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