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More Events: Weddings, Funerals, and Birthdays?

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I feel like these are the three important traditions that can/maybe be carried into the roleplay?

If one of the suggestions in the list has to be crossed out, it's this xD
But birthdays.
Every time a pup turns another year old? o.o
Then their adopted parents/parents/guardians can do some kind of punching thing? xD
I hate the actual punching tradition itself x.x 14 times...
I also feel like their Carnage is their birthday

We all know it's pretty sad >:
There should be an official event for this;
Carrying the body of the deceased beloved to bury it somewhere close to the camp?

Weddings Very Happy
Perhaps the most congratulative event after Carnaging.
I feel like a couple being approved by the pack is the most interesting and happy feeling xDD Speaking character-wise.
Maybe the Pope can be a part of the ceremony?
A pack hunt?

Thanks for looking at yet another suggestion... xD

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Young Meat
Young Meat
Thanks for the ideas, Cherry. About the birthdays, I would be willing to have a small celebration, but I do not believe we will be having a huge event. I cannot keep up with everyone's date of birth, lol.
Anyways, if someone would like to say, "Hey, today is my birthday," via group chat. Then we may sing or do something along those lines.

About the funerals, I agree, this is a good idea. Death is a sad time and I believe the pack should be present for such happenings to morn the loss as one.

Weddings, perhaps. I have thought about this as well, but some individuals prefer to do matters in private. Should someone wish to arrange a ceremony, I do not mind, but I leave it to them.

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Red Lord
Red Lord
Based on the matter of Funeral rights, some like to have their death alone, and out of the way so no one is able to be sad. So I am thinking, for those who want a funeral, I say plan the ceremony with them and such. But for those who do not wish to have one, I say just to leave it up to them. Their body will still be buried, just not by thousands to watch.

Legends Never Die

More Events: Weddings, Funerals, and Birthdays? X7Y4pUg
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xDD I didn't register that fact...
Well, thanks for replying ^^
Yeah, birthdays are kind of a trash idea, but I put it in there anyways

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