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Behind Maloney

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1Behind Maloney Empty Behind Maloney on Tue Mar 11, 2014 12:10 pm

So you all have probably guessed by now that I'm female in real life.

My name is Danielle. My full name is Danielle Nicole Henault. I'm 16 going on 17 this year. I live in the United States, in a state name Delaware, in a city named Magnolia.

I'm not the most popular person at school, an I really don't have that much of friends either. I've lived my whole life, in Delaware and wish to get out sometime soon. If you wish to know about my house, it's no pretty. I live in a mobile home, but always have time to get on my laptop. xD I don't have many friends in my neighborhood either. But I do have an ex who lives down the street from me, in which I just started to again, become friends with and finally got back together with him, yesterday. Felt like I was gonna ball my eyes out, but I "spilled the beans" to him about my feelings for him.

My life isn't the best, but I make do with what I have. My dad cheated on my mom when I was very little, an my mom kicked him out. I didn't even start kindergarten, and my dad had already left. I ran into the bathroom crying my eyes out, while my dad followed me and comforted me. I do't see him very much, but when I do, it's always nice to be with an around him.

As you all know about my family issue, I'll explain, from the beginning, that happened over 2 or 3 years ago.
I told my aunt Monica that my mom had just bought new clothes for herself. Now I really didn't like my mom at the time, because of all the problems that we had. It was't really smart to me to bag on my mom, because my aunt ended up telling my aunt Andrea about it, at her second wedding party. Yes, my aunt got remarried twice. Tell you how much they love each other. Anywho, so my aunt Andrea ended up calling my mom that night and told my mom the whole deal. Seemed I got in trouble a little, but most was blamed on Monica.

March 7, 2014 it was a Friday, around 6 p.m. Est., my aunt Andrea called my mom asking her if Monica had called her. Andrea told my mom everything that Monica told her. Around 6:30 p.m. Est., Monica called and explained the whole deal. My grandmother was emitted into the hospital at 9 a.m. Est., and went into the emergency room around 5 p.m. Est. So Monica said that my mom didn't need to come see grandma because she was doped up on medicine and was tired. After we eat dinner, both my mom and I went to the hospital.  What happened was my mom ending up telling my grandma what Monica said, and told her that it was a lie, and that she wasn't doped up on medicine, but she was tired. Continuing, we left and went back to my mom's boyfriends house. Saturday, March 8, 2014, my mom went to the hospital and saw Monica and a friend named Michelle there. Now a little bit about Michelle so you can understand what's going to happen. Michelle is a VERY nosy person. Likes to get into other people's business and start stuff about them or the situation. Now my mom left and came back to her bf's house and went back later on that day when Monica and Michelle were not there. Sunday, March 9, 2014, my mom got a phone call from Monica. Monica asked who all my mom told about grandma being in the hospital. My mom was also told to take down a post she put on Facebook about how she wanted PRAYERS for grandma because she thought my grandma needed them. So my mom ending up taking it down after the phone call. They started to argue about something and Monica told my mom to "shut up." My mother said "No!" Monica said "shut up Patty." {My mom's name.} My mom was mad now and said "No, make me!" Then Monica said something about how they knew it wasn't a good idea to tell my mom because Monica knew that my mom was going to do something. So my mom yelled and said, "How is it any different then Michelle?" Monica then said, "Because Michelle was requested!" At this point when I found this out, I was upset because, Michelle just loves drama. then they hung up. That is what I had to deal with, why I was upset. Now we think my that my grandma might be in on the whole thing trying to get my mom to stay away from her. I don't know, but I'm tired of this FAMILY DRAMA I am having!

A few things, I hate drama. I might get myself into a bad situation because I may start something with someone. I love to read, Divergent is the book I'm reading now. {DON'T SPOIL IT FOR ME!} I've promised myself that I will finish the book BEFORE March 21, 2014. You probably wouldn't know this, but I'm a blonde haired girl, with blue-green eyes. I'm about 5'5, and I can't swim. Yeah I almost drowned myself, stupid me... xD Anywho, but I have a really big thing for Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes. But my boyfriend, is a Ginger, with I believe Blue or Brown Eyes. Kind of glad I'm back with him again.

The story behind the break up was, I gave him a CHANCE to date me. After a while, I didn't think it was going to work out because I really didn't have feelings for him. But now I do. I "spilled the beans" to him yesterday, and almost cried because of my family issue, again. Mark really cares a lot about me and would do anything to make me happy and keep me safe. I love how he's like so caring, and just loves me. It makes me feel special. {Not special ED... I know you were thinking it. xD} But anywho, I'm just glad to have my best friend back into my life as someone that I love. We're planning on going to see Need For Speed as one of our dates... Yeah, I brought it up to him, about THAT movie. xD I feel pretty good that I want to go on a date with him. Haven't gone on one in a VERY LONG TIME. Hint the caps. xD

So a few more things about me. I love the color purple. But it's an eggplant color that I like, not any other color. Hint why Maloney's mane is an eggplant color. But anywho, more about me. I had surgery on my left hand a long time ago, when I was in 2nd grade. I still have my scars, but I'm okay now. I'm not proud of what I've down in the past. But I've pushed I all away and have moved on. My personal stuff I can tell, but not on here. PM me and I'll explain.

This pack, oh yes, Seether is my life now. You all are like my family. All I have in real life, is 2 cats, one named Midnight and the other Trinkey. Both are black with a little white. I also have a black dog named Blackie. I had a bird, but it died. Thank god. xD I hated that bird. And last, I have my mom, named Patrica. But everyone in Seether has impacted me a lot, to the point that I don't want to ball up my secrets, like I could tell you anything. I don't care if you judge me, I'm judged anyways by others. Pisses me off too, but it's whatever. Anywho, now you understand me.

I've dated only a few guys, not over 10 guys yet. xD I've dated three guys more then once. I dated a guy in Philadelphia, PA, when I met him over this app I downloaded onto my phone. Not proud of it, or what I did either. {This is the PM part. I won' go any further now.} But anywho, that's been put behind me. I'm stuck on Mark and hope it will last for a while. Maybe longer.

Um, I have family all over. Alabama, Missouri, Philly, Germany, Canada. xD I'm German and Canadian, with something else, but I'm not sure what it is. Anywho, that's some more about me too.

I feel that I've opened up a lot and told you all of this. More can and probably will be added, but as far as I know, this is good. IF you want to know anything further about me, PM me.

Feel free to add me on Facebook or Twitter. I don't mind. I just hope that you all understand me a little more now.

I'll add pictures when I get home. I promise. And be surprised, I'm pretty too. xD To an extent.

This is a picture of me. xD I try.
Behind Maloney Danni11

This is yet another picture of me.
Behind Maloney Danni211

Here's a picture of me with my dad. Those are his drums as well. I <3 them drums. They're my favorite.
Behind Maloney Danni311

There you go. I hope you all are pleased. I <3 all of you Seethers. Even ones that have passed on. You are all like my family, like I could tell you guys anything, in which I know you guys wouldn't judge others. Which makes me happy too. <3

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